Moxie provides metrics using Flask-StatsD, a wrapper around Statsd python client.


The following configuration variables are available (in the Flask section):

  • STATSD_HOST hostname of the statsd instance
  • STATSD_PORT port of statsd (8125 by default)
  • STATSD_PREFIX prefix to set for all metrics

See Flask-Statsd documentation for more information.

Views timing

All views are automatically timed (from moxie.core.views), metrics are sent in the form of <module name>.<view name> e.g. moxie_events.views.Search.

E.g. timing some code execution

To time some code execution, you should use a context manager statsd.timer (imported from moxie.core.metrics and specify the name of the metric.

from moxie.core.views import ServiceView
from moxie.core.metrics import statsd

class TimedView(ServiceView):

    def handle_request(self):
        return {'near': 'real-time'}

    def expensive_method(self):
        with statsd.timer('expensive'):
            # some code