OxPoints importer

The OxPoints importer is using the RDF/XML representation of the full dataset of OxPoints, and also requires the extension of OxPoints containing shapes of buildings as WKT (Well-Known Text).

The goal of Moxie is to provide a “simplified” view of OxPoints, easier to understand from an end-user point of view. The following transformations have been done:

  1. A Thing has been merged with its primary site if they have the same name (e.g. Colleges)
  2. Some types have been regrouped (see table below)

Types mapping

The following table explains the transformation on types between OxPoints and Moxie.

OxPoints type Mapped type
Building Building
Carpark University carpark
College College
Department Department
Division Division
Faculty Department
Hall Hall
Library Library
Museum Museum
OpenSpace Not imported
Outside Not imported
Room Room
Site Site
Space Space
StudentGroup Not imported
SubLibrary SubLibrary
Unit Department
University University